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Since guys like to stick together, would they prefer to vote for a male than a female, no matter what color?

Posted under Female CEO by Marcus Pottea on September 25th, 2012 3:30 am

The track record seems consistent, most leaders, ceo’s, church leaders, top positions are held by men. Competency of women is not the issue since we all know women are just as competent. So what is the other force(s) that is keeping women away from power?

Many may say sex and race don’t matter, but it still does obviously otherwise no one would be arguing about it.

Also, black men were given the right to vote before females in America.

It would depend on the man. Some men might be threatened by the idea of a woman in power and vote accordingly. Other men would likely view the qualifications of their potential candidate irregardless of gender, race, religion, etc. It depends on their individual personal prejudices and beliefs.

Christians and Pornography: How does the cycle breaks?

Posted under Breaking the Cycle of Abuse by Marcus Pottea on September 25th, 2012 3:30 am

I asked because I was introduced to this as a child, and still am affected by this. I don’t watch it daily, but every other season I feel "attacked by its images or unclean thought."

I feel like a total hypocrite because my heart remembers and invites—let’s say I don’t always rebuke those thoughts.

How can I be broken free from this? I’ve been suffering from this as a child, although I never had a daily addiction—it’s like what Jesus says about a clean house, and more wicked demons coming back. How can I remain and clean house and strong house.

Still fighting and struggling from the affects of child abuse.
MY BIGGEST MISTAKE is believing I can solve this problem on my own, and I’ve failed every time. The other mistake is not taking accountability.

It takes a lot of time, and a lot of persistance. Breaking a cycle of an addiction is not easy, and never fun. But start with setting goals, one day at a time, and when you do feel tempted during that time (because you will), find something else to do. Make it a goal to stay busy doing other things. Pray for strength, and earnestly try to change your heart and mindset to avoiding it at all costs.

When you do mess up, start over. Try again. Keep trying and pushing on. You’ll make it, God will give you the strength if you ask and earnestly wish to change.