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Why are Indians dominating top professions in America?

Posted under Female CEO by Marcus Pottea on January 31st, 2013 8:38 pm

The Majority of Indians are doctors, engineers, CEO and other big post on many international countries, especially in America. After Bill Gates there are about 3 Indian People who have been ranked in world’s richest people. Why are Indians so smart compare to Americans?

It is a cultural thing borne from Hinduism, and if that culture breaks (which evangelicals and Islamists are trying very hard to do), then India will break up and become a loser just like its neighbors. It is that culture that makes Indians meek or gentle or timid, It is that culture that allows Indians to not have any gangs (not one) while others have all kinds of violent gangs.

To break that cultural thought will be to destroy India, and that is what the CIA and others have wet dream about, have been trying to do it for many decades. Wherever Hinduism in India has weakened, violence from Muslims and Christians has risen along with demands for their own country.

This is EXACTLY what countries like China, America, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan want. To break India up.

So the reason they succed is the CULTURE. and Culture is KING, it influences your way of thinking, your outlook. Most Indians (in India) LOVE America a lot.

To the IGNORANT posters above:

India and sewage, infrasturucture, well just learn what the Arabs and Europeans did to India, and you will know why India lacks in such areas.

About women, are you KIDDING me, women are more loved and respected in India than even in the USA. Don’t give me fringe examples of rural sex selection that does not represent the mainstream. They have female gods, they had a female PM, EVERYBODY there loves and takes care of their moms and sisters, nobody throws their parents in a nursing home and blows the parents’ life savings. GET A CLUE, how dumb some people are. What next, they eat monkey brains too as showm in the temple of doom movie?? Wonder why they put such lies in that film. I guess the Jews in Hollywood forgot how nice the Hindus were to Jews when everyone else was kicking them around from 1 place to the next.

India has always had a large percentage of the world’s population, they do not breed like rabbits. You are a brainwashed fool

how can i find a position as a cocktail waitress in manhattan?

Posted under Resume tips for Women by Marcus Pottea on January 31st, 2013 8:38 pm

looking at craigslist shows some but they all want people with experience. I just want to work at a club, does anyone know of any places hiring now? or places they particularly like?

or how i can find out who’s hiring?

or tips on what to put in my resume?

or what to wear?

or say?

Please be very cautious with jobs from online job sites such as craigslist as there was a frightening occurrence when a young woman applying for a ‘nanny’ position from the site was tragically found dead in her car trunk. A 19 year old male was arrested in connection.

Perhaps a chain restaurant such as applebees would allow an applicant with minimum experience waitressing. How about looking up their website and finding out about possible job vacancies. The sunday classified ads may also have openings.

On one’s resume, they say to never put actual references but instead at the bottom of the page, type that "References available upon request", never put salary requirements on a resume or cover letter unless requested and even so, best to put ‘salary is negotiable’ as to not overbid or underbid; best to dress appropriately to fill out a job application and/or drop off resume (always with cover letter as that briefly expands on the resume) which includes no open-toe shoes, no half/midriff tops, no short skirts, no jeans, no sneakers, no short sleeves (can wear cardigan or such), no heavy perfume or make-up resume tips for women

Examples of resumes may be found at but also can be found in books at the local library or bookstore in the ‘career/job search section’ or such.