Divorced Women Dating Mistakes — Are You Waiting For His Call?

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divorce tips for women http://www.datingsecretsfordivorcedwomen.com/blog/dating-mistakes-women-make Dating mistakes divorced women make: Are you a divorced woman that would like to skip the dating game but still find a relationship?

So when you have more than a couple dates with a man are you highly motivated to make it work so you won’t have to deal with dating?

Ok, for those of you who have answered yes let’s talk.

You see if this is your mind set then you are at risk to make a big dating blunder.

You become clingy and overly pleasing by always saying yes and always being available.

So here is how to avoid this big dating blunder:

Dating Mistake Number 1
Never initiate calling the guy in the first few months of dating him.

It comes across as being overly interested which is unattractive to a man when you are still in the early stages of getting to know each other.

If you find yourself sitting by the phone willing it to ring and praying please be him

Get A Grip.

Grab your jacket and go for a long walk until you get back in control of your emotions.

Some times when you are at home and he calls, let it go to your voicemail.

If you are always breathlessly waiting for his call and answer it on the first ring he will be turned off.

A guy is intrigued with the challenge of getting a woman interested in him. Sometimes when there is no challenge for a man and the relationship comes to him too easily and too quickly, he becomes bored and uninterested.

And then what happens?

He disappears.

He stops calling.

Or he says he will call and never does.

Then you are wondering what happened?

And what to do when he stops calling?

You start to ask yourself, “Should I call him?”

Or, “Should I call this man or wait?”

You have blown it. This relationship belongs in intensive care but this guy has gone AWAL and any hope of rescuing it have gone out the window because he lost interest.

Have you experienced this?


Dating Mistake Number 2
When he asks you out do not always say yes?

Repeat this mantra.

Happy plus Busy plus Active equals Attractive.

H + B + A = Attractive, is the formula for dating and relationship success.

If you don’t have much of anything going on in your life other than him, well that may appear to him over time, as boring.

On the other hand, if you are actively engaged in life and he can see a way for him to be a part of it, then you both have romantic possibilities.

Don’t confuse this with the professional woman that has her life ‘handled’ in all areas except the man and relationship department. Most of the time with these ladies, the man can see no future for him. There is no job for him, he can see no role that he can play in your life.

But that’s a different dating problem and one I will cover in greater detail in a future post.

So, back to being ‘overly available’ for him, if dating you feels too easy and accessible for your man you are courting dating disaster.

So, even if you are available and will just be staying home watching TV don’t be too quick to get together.

In fact if you tend toward the clingy type behavior then you must force yourself to make plans with your friends and stay a little extra busy.

That way you won’t be tempted to always be available for him.

And most important never, ever under any circumstances cancel another plan to be with him instead.


Dating Mistake Number 3

Never say yes to a last minute date.

Rule of thumb, always require at least 3 days advance notice for you to accept a date.

This is a balancing act.

Too hard to get, he will give up on you.

I you are too easy, assessable and available and ready to be a part of his life, he will lose interest and look else where for excitement.

So, tell me which of the 3 ‘deadly dating mistakes’ have you had the biggest challenge with?

Leave me a comment below.




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  1. The men on here …
    The men on here that disagree, or are being rude are the ones YOU DON’T WANT!!!



    What do you mean make an appt. for a date 3 days in advance.

  3. I disagree. I am a …
    I disagree. I am a single man and I assume that a woman who dosent make any attempt to call me in the first few months is, a. Not interested or, b.Playing games. As a 21st century American man living in an era where women are well educated independant adults, I lose a little respect for women that play games. Also on the issue of (at least) 3 days advanced notice; This one really irritates men. Men hate having to schedule and plan a proposed date that she may or may not accept sofar in advance.

  4. I’d let her blow …
    I’d let her blow me.

  5. thank you for this!
    thank you for this!

  6. overall decent …
    overall decent advice…

    key point…go for a long walk until you get back in control of your emotions

    advice for the presenter…cover your decolletage

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