Black Female CEO Blasts Obama’s, ‘You didn’t Build that’ Speech

Posted under Female CEO by Marcus Pottea on July 31st, 2012 10:12 pm

female ceo The event was a conference call with John Sununu, Romney’s spokesman. This African-American female Business President/CEO expresses her outrage at Obama’s idiotic “you didn’t build it” comment.

She states at the end, “I’m tired of hope and change. I want a change.” She said Obama will not get her vote.

Duration : 0:2:19

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8 Responses to “Black Female CEO Blasts Obama’s, ‘You didn’t Build that’ Speech”

  1. Allen West is an …
    Allen West is an Israeli puppet. It would be nice if there were someone like Allen West, but without the warmongering bullshit.

  2. I’m glad that some …
    I’m glad that some in the African-American Community get it. If you value your job, and your well being, listen to this woman say it like it is.

  3. You clip soundbytes …
    You clip soundbytes ad nauseam, and that speech was totally out of context. Gotta love fake outrage.

  4. “Hermanesque negro” …
    “Hermanesque negro”……..who sounds like the racist………I’m a republican and is very much a black man that grew up in the ghetto until I became a grown man then I got out to do my own thing. People tout blacks coming out against the democratic plantation including our incompetent president because it’s an anomaly when it happens. After being called “Uncle Toms,” “Tokens,” “Oreos,” “Disgrace to their race” and “Sell Outs” we like to praise the brave blacks who leave the plantation

  5. It’s funny how …
    It’s funny how many people point at folks like this woman and say there is something wrong with HER thinking. The problem is Democrats progressives NEED to squash the independent spirit of people so they have a voting block. Outspoken & Successful Black folk threaten this and makes them angry.

  6. I always love it …
    I always love it when they drag out some “simple” Hermanesque negro

    who will tow the party line. The woman clearly has a bias against

    Obama. Why

    emphasize the fact that she is a Black, Woman, CEO. Two reasons. To

    help ppl who are ignorant of anyone’s policy – but feel as

    though…”There’s something about him I just don’t like” feel OK with
    there baseless racist perspective. OR!!!! To get black ppl to rethink their position. Need to do much better than that!

  7. I know. I’m not …
    I know. I’m not real excited about Romney either, but we have to go th him… that is unless someone like Allen West decides to run. And, when Romney gets elected, we have to hold him accountable to his word of repealing and repacing Obamacare. He has to reduce the regulatory burden on business and energy producers like coal and oil.

  8. I like her. The …
    I like her. The only problem is Romney’s our only other choice, err.

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