Marissa Mayer Yahoo’s ‘Surprise’ New CEO: Who is She?

Posted under Female CEO by Marcus Pottea on November 29th, 2012 4:10 pm

female ceo Marissa Mayer becomes Yahoo’s fifth CEO in as many years on Tuesday. Who is she?

Duration : 0:1:55

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4 Responses to “Marissa Mayer Yahoo’s ‘Surprise’ New CEO: Who is She?”

  1. Check this out on …
    Check this out on your search engine. Use Start Page for your search engine. jews don’t own that YET, and it’s a great totally private search engine. Type in your search Engine: “Marissa Mayer’s Plan To Shrink Yahoo Is Terrible, Says Top Tech Industry Brain Nicholas Carlson” Also both the other two replies I left you at the beginning look like the same posts. But they’re not. Please read both. Thanks.

  2. “Yep, sure can! …
    “Yep, sure can! Scott Thompson was doing a great job and a bunch of Jews (ALL the new shakers a movers at Yahoo are Jews.” What I forgot (am tired) to say is these scum pushed out Thompson on threats and technicalities. They want to buy out and control the last of our free media. They already own all the rest of the media which lies to us, blackballs imperative info we need & twists everything, and he who controls all the media and the money controls US & our Country. They control both.

  3. Yep, sure can! …
    Yep, sure can! Scott Thompson was doing a great job and a bunch of Jews (ALL the new shakers a movers at Yahoo are Jews. Been researching it for 2 days now. That means the Jews are buying out/controlling all major websites on the net. They also now totally control Jew Tube, hence all the mega censorship. They wrote the recent hate laws and got AIPAC, the most powerful dual national Lobby in DC to threaten Congress to pass it or else. They are major CONTROL freaks. It ends ALL media freedom.

  4. She came from a …
    She came from a security company, she also made phone apps that track you. Now she joins yahoo, and FB gets more interface with google… can anyone else read between lines?

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