There r as many women as there r men worldwide,yet # of female Presidents, CEOs etc is significantly less, WHY

Posted under Female CEO by Marcus Pottea on August 31st, 2012 2:31 am

Do men prefer to keep power and a patriarchal society? If women had power that means women wouldnt have to depend on men. This means men can’t control and manipulate women.
I am not talking about JUST America. I am talking WORLDWIDE!
And yes it’s increasing, but why were women never there instead? Why did it take almost 200 years for women to be allowed to vote? Do women like being oppressed like this?

We’ll start to see things change going forward. The group that holds the power always strives to hold onto it. Gradually, the dinosaurs will pass away and younger people who don’t much care about the gender or color or religion of their leaders will represent most of the country.

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16 Responses to “There r as many women as there r men worldwide,yet # of female Presidents, CEOs etc is significantly less, WHY”

  1. We’ll start to see things change going forward. The group that holds the power always strives to hold onto it. Gradually, the dinosaurs will pass away and younger people who don’t much care about the gender or color or religion of their leaders will represent most of the country.
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  2. Cos men are smarter.
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  3. Because we men have a secret weapon, if the women who are our competition get too close, we knock them up. That takes them out of the running for 9 months to give us an added advantage.
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  4. There is no malicious evil intent. It is just the way society has developed. It is human nature for groups to maintain power once they have it. I expect women would do the same thing if they were in the same position. Then, we would have women manipulating men. Your statement about women depending on men is always a key point in most feminist theory, and frankly, it makes no sense. We, as members of society, rely on each other to survive. Also, now that women have achieved a more equal status in society, there are other side problems that have developed (such as child rearing and both parents being out of the home), but somehow, that is man’s fault as well. Leftists just need to grasp the concept that life just isn’t always fair, and no amount of legislation or social change will eliminate all human suffering.
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  5. because real change is slow to take hold. there are significantly more women in politics and other powerful positions now than there were 30 years ago…
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  6. You have to take your power. Women do not have to depend on men at all today. What gives you that idea?

    Go get a degree, make excellent grades, get a high-paying job, gain experience, open your own company, and stop complaining.

    The only way for women to get more power is for women to get more power. If we sit around and philosophize about it, nothing will happen.

    The reason, historically, is a strongly enforced, barrier enhanced patriarchy, yes, and it is still in place to some degree. That is why we must own our own businesses instead of trying to break the glass ceiling in male-dominated companies. Out-compete their businesses and establish female power in the world. As far as politics, women are well-suited to it, and what we see now will be reversed in 50 years.

    In the words of the great Eleanor Roosevelt, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."
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  7. The number of female CEOs is increasing.
    There are, however, quite a few reasons why you see so few women in top ranks. First of all, many women do in fact "opt out" of highly demanding jobs that one must work their way up to due to childbearing and rearing. Women still bear the brunt of that load, man by choice.
    Another issue, as someone else has pointed out, is that in large Fortune 500 companies, men, particularly white men, tend to rule the roost soley by tradition. They have been the ones in power since their company’s inception, and it is very difficult when others try to infiltrate that. Look at the Presidential candidates on the Democrat side. We don’t have Obama and Clinton first and foremost, we have a black man and white woman vying for a traditionally white man’s job.

    Edit 2: To those who give me thumbs down, please, do tell me where I am out of line. I assume celtish is one of them. Celtish, no one has said anything about feminism here, so why must you start attacking it? Are you really that sensitive?
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  8. So what? It’s not a contest or competition. What difference should it make to anyone apart from a few over-fragile feministic egos? Are you part of the feminist collective mind or are you a real woman with an independent mind of her own? Do you think that you, as an individual person, would fare any better in a world dominated by feminist presidents, CEOs, etcetera? No, you wouldn’t. Just think about it.
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  9. this question has been asked a number of times,a nd i think the section as a whole has moved on to more specific questions.

    But, if i must answer your question. Men are the stronger gender physically. Hundreds of years ago when you really needed to have physical strength to live, men dominated. This carries over throughout time, and since men started off on a higher ground, women had a harder time catching up. But, with new inventions that made physical strength a much lower factor in being successful, women were able to catch up to men. Thus, women have really only been able to reach high positions in the last century to half-century
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  10. Women arent as interested in politics as men and also lack the drive the climb the career ladder in general- eg. working less hours.

    By the way, there is no anti-female conspiracy the keep women out of the higher positions so men can "keep the power" (they are actually encouraged and given priority over men due to affirmative action policies). They earned those higher positions on merit. And that’s just the way things are. If women can’t succeed like men do, then it’s due to their lack of ability or unmotivation. So don’t point the finger at men and blame them.

    Women were "never there", because it wasn’t socially acceptable in the past for women to accept specific male roles (and it still isn’t in some cultures). That was the social norms at the time (women raised kids, men worked). It is only in recent time that these gender roles have been abolished, so now women are encouraged to become CEOs, presidents, etc.

    Being denied the right to vote is hardly "oppression" as you’ve been indoctrinated to believe. Don’t forget that men too were denied this right, only up until a decade or so prior to granting women’s suffrage (only those who owned property could vote). Nevertheless, in the past national governments were so small that there was virtually nothing to vote for (very small amount paid in tax), so it never impinged on people’s daily lives anyway. Besides, women were given special treatment in the past, like they do today, such as not getting drafted, entitled to work less hours than men, and so forth. Oppression? I don’t think so.
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  11. It’s always a little harder for women because they usually take on more family responsibilities whether they work or not. Plus, when you’re younger people are hesitant to give you a managment position thinking you’ll just go on maternity leave in a year. Even though men are entitiled to paternity leave they rarely take it.

    Being a president or CEO means working around the clock, dealing with a lot of stress and putting yourself at risk for an early death. Just for the sake of money and status. I think for a lot of women it isn’t worth the price.

    I don’t think the answer comes down to a battle of the sexes, control or manipulation. It comes down to money. First a woman has to prove to shareholders that she can be tough, fearless and ruthless to make them rich. Not many women inspire that sort of confidence. Also, for whatever reason, fewer women enroll in finance and economics courses, which are usually favoured for CEO positions.

    It isn’t just women who are under represented here. How many CEOs in North America are black or Hispanic? How many have a disability? They are almost always tall, white men. A study has shown CEOs even have similar facial features.
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  12. Listen, I trade in the stock market heavily, it is my job. As soon it is announced that a company is getting a new female CEO I buy the stock, and three months later I sell it and short the stock(hoping it goes down and I make money). A female CEO rarely ever provides a benefit to the shareholders. They normally lag the market by 10 to 25%.
    This is not a slam, nor I am trying to be hatefull, just reality. I do hope the situation does turn around.

    Spuddy: if I remember correctly the number of female CEO’s at Fortune 500 companies has gone down recently.
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  13. Because men work harder and are much more interested in gaining power than women.
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  14. Men and women can achieve whatever their aspirations are. No more, no less.
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  15. it’s cause society is sexist and prefers men. men are more arrogant about their abilities as well.
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    down with that Y chromosome leeching off the X!

  16. As long as younger Women stupidly continue to be mindless morons who keep swallowing the BS of Feminists. We will have to continue to listen to these stupid comments. Reality is this. Women who graduated with MBAs from Prestigious Universities less than 15% were using them 20 years later. Their Male counterparts who graduated were 95% using their MBAs. Women have more choices and options. Having children, and being stay at home Moms. Is one of the reasons for the Mommy Wars.

    Search for Linda Hirshmann and read about her debates with Caitlin Flanigin over Stay At Home Mothers. Men have fewer options and choices. And are expected to support a wife and Family. CEO is a function that is high pressure lots of hours and lots of pressures. When choices are involved and many Women do not choose to follow such a path it is called Sexists by Feminists.

    Grow up Tracey. Your snide remarks reveals a Bigoted mind.
    When Laurence Summers simply remarked that perhaps Choices in career paths had a gender connection he was railroaded out of Harvard by the PC Femifascists and their Male Enablers. Harvard now has a Radical Feminist as its President who was at Radcliffe.
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