Dream Team 1992 Highlights from the Olympic Games Barcelona

Posted under Women at the top by Marcus Pottea on August 7th, 2012 10:23 pm

women at the top Charles Barkley, Larry Bird, Clyde Drexler
Patrick Ewing, Magic Johnson ,Michael Jordan, Christian Laettner, Karl Malone, Chris Mullin, Scottie Pippen, David Robinson & John Stockton in full action

Duration : 0:3:59

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25 Responses to “Dream Team 1992 Highlights from the Olympic Games Barcelona”

  1. great players no …
    great players no doubt, but they are not part of the best team ever assembled.

  2. Dražen Petrović, …
    Dražen Petrović, Vlade Divac, Toni Kukoč, Dino Rađa, Žarko Paspalj, Predrag Danilović are the best ! You know that your USA bball team is the only team in the world who doesnt have anti – doping control in the international competitions , its not fair. anyway your team lose , Yugoslavia – USA – Indianapolis quarter – final , who win that game a ??? Although you have a players like Andre and Reggie Miller , O Neil , Williams , Finley …

  3. Bird, Jordan, …
    Bird, Jordan, Johnson, Barkley, Pippen, Robinson… nothing but b-ball royalty. In my opinion, this has been the best basketball team ever assembled, there is no other team on the face of the earth, past or present, who could beat this team. period.

  4. nicely said.

    nicely said.

  5. No one here has …
    No one here has any way of comparing how good the 2012 team is to the Dream Team. All yall think your mature or something comparing them and calling the Dream Team better. They would have to play for anyone to know..

  6. first off it would …
    first off it would be kobe vs jordan intense matchup Bird vs durant Bird cant guard Durant Westbrook vs stockton westbrook would have him locked up melo vs Magic Melo would outscore any day Love would guard Melone and chandler would guard ewing 2012 would on dream team. No one from dream team can guard Durant or Lebron and dont say they could Michael would have to focus on Kobe

  7. stfu the dream team …
    stfu the dream team arent GODS i HATE ppl like you who diss the younger generation and think they know everything or they experienced it all. How the are they “lost inside an acho of greatness” and You say there is no unity??? your just pulling shit out ur ass. And you mus have not seen basketball in the 90s and even before trash talk was always there. Ur an ignorant fool.

  8. 1990 Yugoslavia …
    1990 Yugoslavia World champion
    1991 Yugoslavia Europe champion
    1992 – sanctions !
    1993 – sanctions !
    1994 – sanctions !
    1995 – Yugoslavia Europe champion
    1996 – Yugoslavia silver at OI
    1997 – Yugoslavia Europe champion
    1998 – Yugoslavia World champion
    1999 – Yugoslavia Bronze medal
    2001 – Yugoslavia Europe champion
    2002 – Yugoslavia World champion
    … WTF American Dream team , ahahahahahahha

  9. dont 4get. Bird …
    dont 4get. Bird was a bit biger than lebron and he made every fkkn 3pointer out of nowhere.
    his ballhandling was close to magic johnson.
    these guys where really awesome and played clever like no team since 1992…

  10. Kobe v bird
    Lebron …

    Kobe v bird
    Lebron v pippen
    iguodala v drexler
    harden v mullin
    davis v laettner
    williams v jordan
    Paul v stockton
    westbrook v magic
    melo v barkley
    love v robinson
    chandler v ewing
    durant v Malone
    this is just my opinion of matchups but can u really pick out a person from the 2012 team that has the edge on the 1992 team?

  11. Yeah their great …
    Yeah their great players Scottie P has always been one of my favorite and D Robinson is a beast. It was amazing to see him bring the Blazer close to a championship in 2004 (i think) I think Lebron would run into trouble but would still make some of his fast break points. It would be interesting to see since they still got Kobe, Carmello who is beasting, and KD doing his thing catching and shooting. I know it would be great one things for sure is Chris Paul would give Stockton some trouble.

  12. David Robinson, …
    David Robinson, Scottie Pippen would D the outta Lebron James.

  13. so balance JOKE …
    so balance JOKE THEY RE TOO OP

  14. 2:50 lol
    2:50 lol

  15. Im not going to …
    Im not going to argue about some of the athletes such as Jordan being just as athletic but there were only a few. Jordan had was a freak of nature and still carries one of the highest standing vertical test with an amazing 40 time. The numbers have all gone up for testing every year though and athletes such as as Lebron are getting bigger faster stronger (260 4.4 40yard 6’8). I dont think bird would even get a shot off with lebron or even soso defense of KD with his agile feet.

  16. I would not …
    I would not necessarily call Lithuania an underdog.

  17. Honestly, I do not …
    Honestly, I do not think that there are more athletic SGs in the NBA today as Jordan or Drexler, stronger PFs than Malone or Barkley, more athletic SFs than Pippen. And Robinson was a freak (he ran suicides under 28 sec and is +7ft!). Of course, Magic and Bird were no athletes, but greatness does not rely on that (look at J Kidd or Dirk Nowitzki today). And show me a better shooter than Mullins and Bird. And a better passer than Stockton. Dream Team all the way.

  18. You also got to …
    You also got to take in account the improvement of other country’s over the year due to the increase popularity of the game. To say that the 92 team would beat everybody by the same amount of the current team is a stretch or a unknown. Having fast pace defense changes the game dramatically and causes shooting percentages to go down. I just people shouldn’t be delusional and say they wouldn’t win a single game against 92. I suggest watching some 2012 highlights and then this video…

  19. I know people wanna …
    I know people wanna idolize the players they group up watching, but growing up watching bball since Jordan i”ve seen how different the game is now. We cannot even begin to compare 92 vs 2012 team due to the changes over the years. The game is way more fast pace and more athletes are way more athletic due to specific training they do. Almost ever layup on this video would be a dunk even by the point guard (except Chris Paul).

  20. Was there even …
    Was there even competition nationally in 92? I would imagine USA was light years ahead of the world in basketball

  21. Wanna hear another …
    Wanna hear another joke? The 2012 USA Basketball Team almost got their beat to a 34.5 point underdog called Lituhunia.

  22. With how they pick …
    With how they pick the players, it is even a long shot that they can win 1. WIth Barkley, Malone, Robinson, and Ewing, the 2012 team would get trumped.
    If they do pick reasonably and players agree to play, the 2012 team would have a way better inside game and they definitely can put a good match.

    And actually, Kobe just said that he would never say he wouldn’t win before he plays. Which… duh! That’s what all star athletes think!

  23. GO BIRD GO

  24. It’s funny how …
    It’s funny how often USA turns on god mode

  25. wow that puts it …
    wow that puts it in context thnx bro

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