Me doing gymnastics at the gym

Posted under Women at the top by Marcus Pottea on August 28th, 2012 9:27 pm

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Duration : 0:1:38

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25 Responses to “Me doing gymnastics at the gym”

  1. Your so good at …
    Your so good at gymnastics!

  2. shes good
    shes good

  3. Eeeeek! I am so …
    Eeeeek! I am so jeloous :P

  4. amazing! how old …
    amazing! how old are you?! your making me dizzy!

  5. amazing*


  6. i wish i could do …
    i wish i could do what u can do!! u r amazong!!!!

  7. WOW i wldve broke …
    WOW i wldve broke every bone in my body..thats amazing:))

  8. wow ur amazing
    wow ur amazing

  9. the best thing i …
    the best thing i can do is front saumersault!!! ur brilliant!!!


  11. omg

  12. cant wait to see …
    cant wait to see this girl in the olympics:) keep it up!!

  13. how old were u when …
    how old were u when u started?

  14. I can tell you …
    I can tell you right now she is about 14 right now

  15. wow you are really …
    wow you are really good

  16. you are really good
    you are really good

  17. omg your awesome
    omg your awesome

  18. imagine how good …
    imagine how good she is now.!!

  19. any doesnt like her …
    any doesnt like her is going to jail

  20. gosh u r good

    gosh u r good

  21. what level r u on? …
    what level r u on? i am 10 yrs old, and on optionals. good job. :)))))

  22. Wow! keep it up …
    Wow! keep it up and we’ll see you in the olympics!

  23. The only thing i …
    The only thing i didnt like is everytime you did floor, you took a huge step back. Overall, AMAZING

  24. kiss your hand 5x …
    kiss your hand 5x post this on 5 other videos under your pillow will be an ipad

  25. Where Is This Gym! …
    Where Is This Gym! :o

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